Our People

We are passionate about what we do

At Transaction Capital Recoveries, each member of our dynamic and growing team shares a common passion and commitment for what we do and the role we play in touching the lives of South Africans, through personable care and attention, an unwavering culture of customer service and an unbridled obsession for nurturing relationships.

We recognise that our people are our most dynamic competitive advantage forming the cornerstone of our success. The ethos is positive and inspirational and our people flourish not only as individuals but also as part of a team.

Individual excellence is nurtured and rewarded. Performance is closely aligned with business strategy and consistently managed at every level of the business.

What we look for in Our People:

Firstly, we look for qualifications and experience, relevant to each job.
Other attributes we look for include:

      1. good people skills;
      2. uncompromising honesty and integrity;
      3. a passion for excellence;
      4. an eye for detail; and
      5. work ethics.

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