Specialised Legal Collections

Legal Collections, when you need to step up the pace…

Once all means have been exhausted to collect on arrear accounts using our pre-legal solutions, it may be time to engage in more rigorous and decisive campaigns to facilitate results. The Legal Collection Services offered at Transaction Capital Recoveries are delivered through strategic alliances with independent legal firms, most notably Transaction Capital Recoveries’s contracted attorney firm, Munnik Basson Dagama Incorporated who provide legal services exclusively on behalf of Transaction Capital Recoveries.

Munnik Basson Dagama Incorporated is a registered member of the Law Society of South Africa and has over 15 years’ experience in debt collection. Munnik Basson Dagama Incorporated also has an online system that debtors can access to manage their accounts.

The legal collections team establish contact between debtor and Attorney firm and engage in escalated collections procedures:

  1. Legal Collections
  2. Letters of Demand
  3. Summonses
  4. Default judgements
  5. Emolument attachment orders
  6. Defended matters
  7. Opposed Motions
  8. Letters in terms of Section 129 of the National Credit Act
  9. PTP / Payment Arrangements
  10. Tracing and Tracking
  11. Blacklisting
  12. Application to High Court & court orders
  13. Warrant of execution
  14. Section 65 financial enquiries
  15. Foreclosures
  16. Attending to sale in executions

Transaction Capital Data is the Specialised Collections department that is mandated to manage all accounts under Administration Order or Debt Review. The division has a highly qualified and experienced skill set and boasts a substantial portfolio under management. Transaction Capital Data is the industry leader in Administration Order and Debt Review management.