Key Services

Powered by Cheetah – delivering every stage of the collections life cycle

Using world-class call centres alongside specialised legal collection services, we offer a fully comprehensive range of receivables revenue collection solutions, whether one day or many years older – if its non-performing debt you need to manage, you can rely on South Africa’s leading collection solutions partner to deliver your result anywhere along the collections life cycle, simply and conveniently.

Full Service Collections Solutions:

Our competitive advantage is powered by our proprietary Cheetah software platform. Cheetah’s proven ability to deliver the best result encompasses more than 10 years of ongoing design and development of fit-for-purpose collections technology and infrastructure, making it among the most powerful tools available specifically focused on the management of accounts receivables along the accounts receivable management value chain.

As your preferred credit solutions partner, you’ll enjoy instant value adds from the Cheetah platform:

  • use of the Cheetah Accounts Receivable Management Software;
  • use of our call centre infrastructure;
  • updated and clean consumer and debtor database;
  • improved revenue management, billing and debt collection processes;
  • training of human resources and sustainable job creation;
  • credit Scored accounts;
  • increased cash flow and revenue enhancement;
  • improved risk management and controls;
  • additional and improved accounts receivable management infrastructure;
  • improved query resolution process;
  • improved perception of the client and services;
  • sustainable skills transfer and training of employees; and
  • best of breed collection strategies and analytics.