Capital Data

Capital Data, is a specialist collection unit focused on legal collections.

We manage in excess of 100,000 accounts and pride ourselves on being the industry leader in this niche collections environment.

Our company was established in 2007, is part of Transaction Capital Recoveries, which in turn is part of Transaction Capital Risk Services, a division of the JSE-listed Transaction Capital Limited group.

At Capital Data we understand the importance of revenue and enhancing the bottom line. We make it our priority to secure every distribution owed to your company.

Our success is attributed to:

  • Quick Turnaround. All procedures are automated to offer unique and customised systems that allow for real time payments.
  • Solid Relationships. We have built solid relationships with all stakeholders including, administrators, debt counsellors and payment distribution agents to ensure collaborative business practices;
  • Expertise. Our team includes professionals who have numerous years of experience in the Debt Review Administration Order, and Estate Management fields. All staff are proficient in the National Credit Act and Section 74 of the Magistrates’ Court Act.
  • Passion. We are accountable and are driven to perform at our optimum. Our results speak for themselves.


We value INTEGRITY before all else.
Integrity goes beyond complying with the law and company policy, to having strong moral principles which inform decisions and actions with regard to families, friends, business colleagues, clients, customers and the company.

We value RESPECT for all who come into our lives.
Respect means that we treat everyone we meet in the same way that we would like to be treated. It requires an understanding and appreciation of diversity, and is especially important given South Africa’s history of discrimination

We value COMPETENCE as the foundation of personal and corporate progress.
Competence is more than just knowing how to do the task we are employed for; it comes from knowing that we have taken the time to prepare ourselves for the next challenge in our development and careers.

We value INNOVATION as the solution to every challenge or problem we will face.
Innovation helps us to keep ahead of our competitors, overcome challenges, deal with new and difficult situations, and discover new ways to solve problems for our company, our clients and ourselves.

Ratings and Accreditations:

  • Global Credit Rating;
  • ISO Data security certification;
  • Investors in People Accreditation;
  • BBBEE rating – Level 3

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Memberships include:

  • Council of Debt Collectors (CDC) – No: 0030960/08
  • Association of Debt Recovery Agents (ADRA)
  • ICM (Institute of Credit Management)
  • CPA (Consumer Payments Association)
  • BPeSA (Business Process enabling South Africa)

We operate in association with Munnik Basson Dagama Incorporated, a registered member of the Law Society of South Africa and a member of the Association of Debt Recovery Agents of South Africa.

Our Services

We strongly believe in relationships, and through honesty and transparency, build the foundation of a successful partnership with our stakeholders. We competently and professionally manage the following processes:

Administration Order Management

We offer an end to end Section 74 management service, including:

  • opposing applications for administration orders;
  • collections of monthly and quarterly distributions; and
  • effective management of drop offs.

Business Rescue Management

We attend creditors’ meetings, facilitate on-going liaison with business rescue practitioners, and submit claims and documents on behalf of our clients.

Debt Review Management

We offer the full end to end Debt Review management service, including:

  • reviewing of proposals;
  • automated Certificate of Balance process;
  • opposing Debt Review applications;
  • amicable and cordial working relationships with Payment Distribution Agents (PDA);
  • real time drop off reporting; and
  • implementation of strategy with regard to terminated Debt Review consumers.

Sequestration Management

We submit claims only if there is no danger of contribution. All processes are followed in accordance with the Magistrates’ Court Act.