Consumer Collections


World-class business to customer revenue conversion for commercial and retail

When it comes to revenue continuity, efficient management and optimal control over your collections cycle is undoubtedly one of the most critical deliverables in business today. Whether your book numbers a few hundred, or a few hundred thousand, Transaction Capital Recoveries offers you the peace of mind of knowing that when it comes to delivering on revenue targets, you’ll find the right collection solution that gets you the best result.

Our collections profile:

  1. R29bn under administration
  2. National footprint
  3. over 1,500 collection agents
  4. 60 million outbound calls per year and 135 million SMS’s sent
  5. Industry specialisation across all sectors of industry

Since 1997 our tried-and-tested success in debt collection and debt book analysis we’re perfectly positioned to help you with your revenue enhancement, accounts receivables and data analysis.

 Key Services for Business


Pre-billing origination



Pre-legal collections



Early to late stage



Legal collections



Book analysis and debt acquisition



Business process outsourcing


Transaction Capital Recoveries offers structured solutions to corporate, commercial and retail operators, aimed at effective management and control of operational collections.
Here’s how we can tailor the right solution for you