Business Collections

While most professionals who trade business to business will enjoy the relative simplicity of credit cycle management far removed from the complexities of large scale retail collections, the reality of non-performing debt carrying higher book vs. risk ratios can often mean a compounding threat to revenue stability.

So every day, we at Transaction Capital Recoveries put our many years of experience to work, understanding and implementing the critical commercial conversion solutions essential for bottom line success.

By spanning virtually every sector of industry and harnessing essential insights, we apply the latest trend and conversion methodologies to formulate individually tailored collections solutions geared to delivering on your revenue targets, ensuring your peace of mind, knowing that you’ll find the right collection solution suited to your best result.


Business collections profile quick facts:

  1. R29bn under administration
  2. National footprint
  3. 2,200 collection agents
  4. 60 million outbound calls per year and 135 million SMS’s sent
  5. Industry specialisation across all commercial sectors of industry

Key Services for Business Collections:

Transaction Capital Recoveries offers structured solutions to corporate and commercial operators, aimed at effective management and control of operational collections